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    The vertical farm cube merges the world of modern food production with leisure and consumption into a singular and powerful icon. The signature form combined with transparency of the cube is very recognizable from a distance while the fresh produce attracts visitors locally. The 18x18x18m prototype steel & glass cube combines spatial, structural and technical efficiency with a physical transparency that shows the inside of the ‘green machine’ under intense LED lighting. It is essentially a 3D logistics system in a square shaped greenhouse. Two modular vertical elevators that connect the ‘clean room’ grow area to the separate plant, and harvest floor below. They work together with multi-level carriers that hold the benches filled with water and nutrients. The complete cultivation system is optimized for maximum quality and quantity per crop variety. Depending on location, the ground floor hosts a variety of functions such as logistics, restaurant, education or visitor centre. It is both a compact and efficient production facility as well as a ‘placemaking’ entity which has the potential to animate a district, park or building.

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