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    On the Roeterseiland in the centre of Amsterdam, a former diamond refinery has been transformed into cultural centre for the University of Amsterdam (UVA). This factory ensemble consists out of multiple brick buildings, of which parts are listed as a monument. Therefore the design combines renovation and replacement with new development. Most of this new development is positioned behind a preserved façade, and is able to house functions with specific requirements regarding sound and space (music-, dance- and performance studios, a theatre and concert hall). In the front and hind parts of what were previously the factory buildings, the remaining functions (a café, offices, art studios, and workshop- and project rooms) are situated. Highlight of the design is the spacious void, which is positioned in line with the courtyard. The void serves as an infrastructural hub, with people’s paths crossing in the main entrance, the lobby, the stairs and bridges to studios on all floors. Realizing the wide range of programme within this compact volume was challenging. Exposing all air ducts and other installations through the main void presented the solution. By making these installations visible renders a visual reference to the industrial past of this complex.

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