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    A sober pavilion is the addition to lot 1077 in Tinte, a landscape garden with the main features of the English landscape style, with surprising sightlines, shaped by surrounding lawns and interspersed with groups of trees. The pavilion is typologically closely related to the tea dome, a typical Dutch phenomenon in country estates from the 17th to the early 20th century. Like the tea dome, the floor plan is symmetrical, the roof -in overhang- has a shape increasing in height towards the center, and contains built-in cupboard space, kitchen and private. The base of the pavilion is sunk 80 centimeters into the earth, aligning the surrounding ground level with the top of the facilitating furniture. The support of the building is solid concrete, with an infill of glass and clear-lacquered pine. Like a Swiss army knife, the multifunctional furniture accommodates all facilities for the office.

    A new autonomous barn is geometrically and color-wise related to the pavilion. It is clad with untreated western red cedar parts, which quickly turn a silver-grey color when exposed to the weather. The front of the barn is articulated by an outdoor space that falls within one quadrant of the sloping roof. The nodded glass façade creates daylight in the wooden volume.

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