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    The Polderweg area is the periphery within the cityzone. A small enclave of non-structured city. This industrial enclave falls prey to the ‘civilised’ world. The non-structured will be conquered and incorporated in the organised society. Sandwich City offers an urban structure to the non-structured quality of the periphery. The plan offers a differentiated surrounding. To control the diversity we have made a strong urban plan which can carry changes and that secures that the transparency of the area will be controllable. We choose for an inversion of the closed building block: the open strip plan. Sandwich City comprises a number of autonomous elements in a collection. It’s built up of 15 horizontal organised strips which are 12m high and 12.6m wide. They fold in an obvious way around the existing buildings and specific ground plane activities. The blocks are sculptural without a specific front or backside. Each strip is characterised by one clear housing type or function.  The ground plane is designed as a continuous space. This creates one coherent area. In the kink and/ or continuation of the strips are peculiarizations in the form of a sportsground, lawn or parkingzone with trees.

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