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    The design for a Pyrolysis Cogeneration Plant is situated in the woods of the Twente University campus. In this construction, electricity and heat will be generated in a carbon neutral way, by burning pyrolysis oil. The structure represents the campus’ ‘high tech, human touch’ motto. The pyrolysis oil is artificially generated from biomass such as prunings and cuttings from the campus and will be generated in Hengelo. The L-shape depicts the pyrolysis cogeneration’s linear process. In the horizontal bar of this structure pyrolysis oil is converted into heat and electricity. In the tower the flue gasses are expelled and filtered. The produced heat and electricity are then distributed underground across the campus. The welded casing of thick corten steel plates is load-bearing and heavily reduces any sounds generated by the pyrolysis process. The building has been designed as an autonomous object: all additions such as grilles, grates and door handles are therefore designed to contribute to this abstraction.

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