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    A closed wall consisting of 80 wooden columns is the first impression when arriving at PlantijnCasparie along the Merwede canal. The façade opens itself slowly as you pass. Behind the strict row of six meter high columns a surprising and spacious interior presents itself. Double high spaces alternates with closed volumes and glass walls.
    The print shop PlantijnCasparie is a horizontally structured organization with a love for the graphic profession. Three right angled boxes, efficient and appropriate, varying in size, flush against each other. Due to the shape of the site, the boxes become smaller and deeper from the front to the back. On the canal, a broad box with studios and offices, followed by the print shop and the back, a box with the binding section and expedition. The representative part, a transparent box with offices and studios, acts as a sound buffer between the printing shop and the housing on the other side of the canal.

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