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    The Maashaven, situated in Rotterdam-South, is part of the urban landscape of Rotterdam. That landscape is summarised in the route that starts on the Coolsingel and, via the small 18th century Leuvehaven, the Erasmus bridge, the Rijnhaven and the Maashaven, makes the connection with Zuidplein. The economic activities in this harbour have moved westward. Can they play a part in the renewal of Rotterdam? Recent developments of surrounding high-rise has made the Rijnhaven a intimate space. That intimacy offers motive to use that space for urban events. Flexible pontoons can serve as a stage. The spacial and functional qualities of the Maashaven are lurking, and need to be developed. Reacting on what’s present, the inland navigation vessels can contribute to the vitality of Katendrecht, amphibious buildings along the zuidkade, together with the redevelopment of the harbour buildings, ensure densification, and the central pier offers space for floating residential and office units. Subsequently the Maashaven will become the innovative workshop of Rotterdam-South. Together with the educational harbour at Heyplaat, the Maashaven can serve as a learning and living environment for the city of Rotterdam, where knowledge about the redevelopment and (re)use of the inner-city harbour basins is gained.

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