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    The expansion of the responsibilities of the Traffic Police service of the Netherlands National Police Services Agency (KLPD) necessitated a reorganization and expansion of its facilities in Maasbracht and Assen. In light of limited space and increased parking requirements, we opted to raise the new-build section at both locations. The central patio ensures adequate natural light in the ground-level car park. From the patio a staircase leads to the corridor that wraps around the patio (including an enclosed veranda and a balcony) on the upper level. Unlike the neutral exterior of the existing building, the façades lining the patio, with their transparency and crystalline forms, are expressive and inviting. The outer wall of the extension matches the colour of the existing façade, but it differs from it because of its gloss. The façades of the existing office building were clad in beige facing brick; the extension is clad with glazed brick. This distinction is continued in the windows and frames, which are made of reflective silver-tinted glass and stainless steel.

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