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    The Floating Farm Poultry is a design in succession of the Floating Farm Dairy. Similar to the neighboring floating farm it is organized as a stacked landscape, which combines the production of chicken food, technical and educational zones with a new home for 7000 hens. These hens move freely between three spacious sections: an outdoor garden deck, and an indoor aviary with day- and night sections. The M4H development zone -where Rotterdam focuses its innovative and experimental businesses- is the natural habitat for the FFC. Intensive use of space, high circularity by food (larvae) production, manure processing and a highly efficient air- and energy system (47% nitrogen emission reduction) are combined in a transparent process. Visitors enter the farm by a brigde to the production floor directly above the concrete floating body. From here they can witness the entire process of the farm. From inside a glass dome they can visually interact with all levels of the building; from the larvae production chambers in the floating body to the chickens in the hennery above them. The green fenced-off perimeter of the hennery, combined with the prominent roof shape and grid of solar cells stand out from the quay.

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