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    When it moved from a stately and static canal-side house to an office floor with panoramic views over the IJ waterway, the Association of Dutch Architects (BNA) wanted to seize the opportunity to modify its organization as well. It traded its musty rooms for a transparent and open space where the emphasis lies on communication. The BNA serves as a model with this innovative workplace concept. A series of volumes are positioned in the centre of the rectangular volume, containing the closed programme (storage, conference room, concentration-work stations and library), with the open workstations arranged around this. The walls of the volumes are transparent, semi-transparent or, at times, made up of floor-to-ceiling cupboards. The walls in the library volume, for instance, also serve as shelving units; even the pivot door has been inconspicuously incorporated into the wall. The new interior of the BNA is neutral in colour: the volumes are made primarily of two materials: glass and bottle-green acrylic sheeting; no other colour was used. Users and visitors lend the office colour through their clothing and the books and accessories on the work stations.

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