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    Blau Wetter is a floating waste water purification station to be employed on the ‘Friese’ lakes to improve the (swimming-) water quality. It can collect waste water of the recreational craft owners and responsibly process it to make clean surface water. This floating recycler consists of four separate entities: the floating body, a biological processing unit, duckweed purification and a frame for PV cells on the roof. Two modular barges connected with a spud pole form a safe and easily accessible platform for mooring. People can transfer the waste water from their craft into a tank to be processed. The pump itself is located in a closed container holding the complete biological treatment station. On top of this a transparent container is placed; it holds crates filled with duckweed, which absorb the last tracks of phosphor (P) and nitrogen (N) thus purifying the water to clean surface water. The energy needed for the whole process (pumps and LED lights for the continuous photosynthesis of the duckweed) is provided by twelve PV cells on the roof. The roof also has a navigational marker for a stationary object on the water. Individual parts of this waste water treatment station can also function as separately entities, tuned to local conditions and needs.

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