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    Commissioned by the residents of ‘s Gravenweg 468, Goldsmith is investigating the possibility of developing a small apartment building with 9 luxurious senior homes on the virtually combined plot of ‘s Gravenweg 468 and 470. Demand for small-scale developments for this target group has increased sharply in recent years. The initiator intends to be involved in the development and habitation of the apartment complex. In appearance, the building refers to the original semi-detached houses of the plot. Parking is integrated in the landscape, always separating two parking spaces with hedges and trees. The architectural leitmotif is formed by the coherence of structure, material and spatial experience. The basis is a structural grid of five meters. Robust concrete façade elements cover the structural elevation, creating large façade openings of 4.3×2.4 meters. Apartments on the first two floors are therefore fully oriented towards the collective garden. In contrast to its neutral substructure, the third floor with roof apartments has a characteristic double roof shape and ditto front wall. The façade infills such as window frames, sun blinds and roof finishes are consistently materialized in bronze anodized aluminium.

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