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    The Floating Farm is essentially a compact triple-stacked landscape which houses 40 dairy cows. The Farm floats in the harbor of the M4H development zone in Rotterdam, an area which aims to stimulate and facilitate innovative and experimental activities. The concept for the farm is based on a new way to work with the the dairy cow: ‘animal friendly, sound economics and close to the consumer’ are the guidelines for the new Floating Farm. Visitors access the Floating Farm via an entrance shop to continue to the high-tech production floor directly above the concrete floating body. Here they can look into four fully transparent zones: dairy production, growing of grass under LED light, water treatment and manure- & urea recycling. These four quadrants regulate all sustainable cycles in the farm. A central extra-wide stairway leads visitors from the technical floor up to the actual farm above. Here they can interact with the cows and have an overall view of the  facility, strengthening the connection to nature and knowledge of the dairy world. The cows live outside while protected from the elements by a transparent roof and vertical ivy. They reside on a membrane floor that is kept clean by a robot 24/7. The same applies for the food and milk robots which are located on the outer perimeter of the farm floor. The animals have their own private bridge to the meadow on the quay as they like.

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